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Large-scale fire test at EMPA Dübendorf



After 6 small-scale fire tests carried out for orientation purposes, a large-scale fire test was implemented at EMPA in Dübendorf on 3.6.2014.

ETH master's degree student Andreas Bühlmann carried out a test on a scale of 1:1 to conclude his master's thesis. The test setup consisted of a 20 cm thick cross-laminated timber slab made from four different sections to which a load of 3.2 tonnes was applied from above and flames were applied to the bottom. The slab failed after around 70 minutes.

This demonstrated that a 20 cm thick cross-laminated timber slab without any cladding can withstand flame impingement for 60 minutes. The successful test was witnessed by the programme's management team and the steering committee of the Timber Action Plan of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, all in all around 30 people.