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TS3 is now a registered trademark in the USA too



It’s official: the company Timber Structures 3.0 AG headquartered in Thun has registered the TS3 trademark in the United States of America. This was recently confirmed by the US Patent Office.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has acknowledged TS3 as a trademark. The corresponding certificate arrived at Niesenstrasse 1 in Thun a few days ago. The TS3 trademark is now officially protected in the USA.   

Registering the TS3 trademark in the USA means that no other company can use the TS3 trademark in connection with timber construction products in the USA.    

Additional security for investors  

According to Stefan Zöllig, trademark protection for the TS3 brand in the USA means additional security, especially for investors. Investors provide their money not only for technology, but also for a brand and, in the case of TS3, a brand that is now protected in one of the world’s largest markets.   

In Switzerland, TS3 has been a registered trademark since 2015.