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Trend business magazine: new timber construction technology causes sensation



Skyscrapers could in future be built from cost-effective and environmentally friendly timber instead of the usual steel-reinforced concrete elements. This is according to an article by Austrian business magazine Trend reporting on the new TS3 technology.

"Wood instead of reinforced concrete" is the header in the Research & Innovation section of renowned business magazine Trend on the latest TS3 technology. In its latest edition, the magazine that reaches 100,000 Austrians every week writes that the new timber construction technology is causing a sensation in the construction industry.

TS3 AG, the start-up of Swiss enterprise Timbagroup Holding AG, to which Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG and Timbatec Holzbauingenieure GmbH in Vienna also belong, is behind the innovation.

The magazine reports that years of research work have culminated in the development of shallow floor slabs of extreme load-bearing capacity made of cross-laminated timber that permit very large span widths. The research work was carried out in cooperation with ETH Zurich, Bern University of Applied Sciences and two industrial partners.

Shorter construction times thanks to the new technology

The business magazine is keen to emphasise another special feature: the individual cross-laminated timber panels are glued face to face directly on site. "That makes them easier to transport and significantly speeds up installation as well as the entire construction process", says the magazine in quoting Stefan Zöllig, founder and CEO of Timbatec and TS3.

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