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TS3’s managing director to speak at leading timber industry conference in the USA



The International Mass Timber Conference in Portland/Oregon is one of the most important events in the timber industry worldwide. TS3 managing director Stefan Zöllig has been invited to speak about the new technology at this year’s conference to promote Swiss know-how in North America.

Around 1,000 participants and 60 exhibitors from more than 20 countries are expected to attend the International Mass Timber Conference in Portland from 20 to 22 March 2018. The event is one of the largest conventions of timber construction experts in the world. The aim of the conference is to promote the exchange between experts on timber construction.

In contrast to conventional timber frame constructions, solid wood constructions built using cross-laminated or glue-laminated timber are considered an innovation in North America and referred to as «Mass Timber Constructions». The term refers to large- volume timber constructions – i.e. medium-height buildings with four to ten floors and high-rise structures with eleven and more floors.

Stefan Zöllig of TS3 as speaker in Portland

As in 2017, Stefan Zöllig, managing director of TS3, and Marcel Herzog, TS3 project manager, will travel to the convention in the USA. This year, however, they will not be just presenting TS3 technology at their own booth in Portland. Stefan Zöllig has been invited to join the illustrious circle of guest speakers for the 2018 edition of this important timber construction event. He will address a panel, whose members will include a manager from global corporation Henkel, to report on the current development status of TS3 technologies.

TS3 on tour: networking in North American cities

As last year, participating in the Portland event represents an ideal opportunity for TS3 to inform and inspire experts from around the world with regard to its innovative technology. In 2017, Stefan Zöllig and Marcel Herzog forged important contacts in the USA and Canada leading to the Swiss enterprise undertaking a three-week tour of the cities of Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Vancouver in March. In addition to negotiating potential licensing arrangements and construction projects, they will also commence preparations for gaining approval for TS3 in the USA in cooperation with ICC Evaluation Service of Brea near Los Angeles.