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First large-scale use of TS3 technology



The first multi-family dwellings incorporating the new TS3 gluing technology will be built in Switzerland this year: one in the Bernese Oberland region and four others in Seeland. TS3 AG will take its new technology to market readiness thanks to these projects.

The company Stuber Holz is currently planning the construction of four three-storey residential buildings made of timber in Grossaffoltern in Bern’s Seeland region. The ground floor and first floor will each have two apartments, while the top floor will feature a penthouse apartment. Nik Stuber, managing director of the timber construction company in the town of Schüpfen, is himself the owner of two of the buildings. 

Another multi-family residence made of timber will be built in Thun. A two-storey building with five apartments will be constructed at a prime location on Thun’s southern slope.

TS3: Step towards market readiness

The planned new buildings in Grossaffoltern and Thun have a common feature: cross-laminated timber slabs manufactured using TS3 gluing technology will be used to construct the storey floors for the first time. The surface area of all floors in the four residential buildings in Grossaffoltern will amount to approximately 2,300 square metres, and to around 1,000 square metres in the Bernese Oberland project.

This year, TS3 AG can thus take another important step from research and development to marketability of its innovative technology.

Grossaffoltern: Construction starts this summer

The five buildings will be erected in 2018. The Thun project is scheduled to start in autumn; Stuber Holz will start in July. The company wants to erect one building every three weeks – that’s how long it takes to build the shell.