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Never before has TS3 technology been used to glue such a large timber slab



Timber construction company Flück Holzbau AG needed a new working platform for its assembly system. The platform measuring 15 by 7.5 metres was recently assembled and glued together by Timbatec and TS3 in the construction company’s workshop.

The new TW-Agil 3000 assembly centre installed by Flück Holzbau AG in Wangen near Dübendorf has an inlet width of 3000 millimetres. «It is currently unique in Switzerland» the company’s website says of the new system that will enable it to take on assignments with special dimensions.  

The company also needed a new working platform of a suitable size to process the timber elements freshly cut by the system: a timber platform, 15 metres in length and 7.5 metres in width. That equates to a surface area of around 110 square metres. The timber construction company from Zurich turned to Timbatec in search of a solution. It soon became clear that TS3 technology was nothing short of ideal for producing such a large working platform.

TS3 glues a 36 centimetre thick slab for the first time 

Three CLT slabs, each measuring just under 15 metres in length and a good 2.5 metres in width, were glued together to create the new working platform for Flück Holzbau AG. The show-stopper: the finished slab has a thickness of 36 cm in order to support the heavy loads. The working platform is therefore a major first, as TS3 has never before glued a slab of such thickness.   

ETH shows great interest 

The work in Wangen was attended not only by representatives from TS3 and Timbatec, but also by Professor Andrea Frangi, who is participating in the joint researchproject of the ETH Institute of Structural Engineering and TS3. The ETH professor took the opportunity to observe the glueing process at close quarters together with a number of PhD students.

You can find out more about the challenges faced by Timbatec and TS3 in constructing the platform here.