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UN Economic Commission for Europe invites Stefan Zöllig to give a lecture



High honour for Stefan Zöllig, founder of Timbatec and TS3: The UN Commission for Europe has invited him to Vancouver to deliver a speech. The event he will speak at is a conference of the United Nations Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry.

Stefan Zöllig is still travelling around North America. Last week he attended the new Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference (IWBCC) in Boston. He introduced TS3 technology at the new conference on industrialized wood-based construction. He is expected in Canada next week.

Stefan Zöllig was invited by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to give a lecture. He will address the 76th session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry on 7th November.

The meeting will be held under the title «Building the Future with Forests». The CEO of Timbatec and TS3 will speak about strategies for a wider use of timber in urban buildings at the conference in Vancouver.