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Elections 2019 - A springboard for timber



Switzerland's 2019 elections to the National Council will go down in history as the climate elections. A springboard for wood as a building material? Absolutely! Anyone who wants to contribute to climate protection is now building with timber. Wood stores CO2 in the long term and has an excellent climate balance - on the other hand, the cement industry is one of the biggest climate sinners.

Solutions to climate problems will increasingly be at the centre of politics. What young people have launched with major climate demonstrations has now also been established in politics. Therefore, ecology needs to be anchored  in the mindset of both public and private clients.


The 2019 elections set an example for more ecology and thereby for more use of wood. Timber is not only ecological, it also offers other important advantages: Building projects made of timber allow a very high degree of prefabrication. As a result, buildings are completed more quickly and can be occupied earlier than comparable buildings made of reinforced concrete and bricks. Last but not least, buildings made of wood are more comfortable to live in.


Progressive developers and well-known investors such as pensimo and Allianz Suisse have recognized the advantages of timber construction. Today, major projects such as the crocodile or Sue & Til are being built in wood.


TS3 will be happy to support you in your building project with wood and congratulates all selected persons.  We are looking forward to many climate-friendly construction projects.