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Online event at Schilliger Holz



On Thursday 29.10.2020 we had the opportunity to celebrate Schilliger Holz as our first CLT licensee at an online event and listen to interesting presentations from research and practice. Here you can find the online event to look up.

After the welcoming by Ernest Schilliger and Stefan Zöllig, Prof. Dr. Steffen Franke reported on the many years of research activity at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel. He described the path from the "idea" in 2011, through countless experiments in various test laboratories, to the construction of the outdoor test stand in 2018. Franke concluded his presentation with a quote from Mark Twain "Anyone with a new idea is a crank until the idea is successful", adding that the technology has arrived on the market and he believes in the success of the idea.


Pretreatment and pouring    

As a highlight of the event, René Wicki demonstrated the pretreatment and pouring of a TS3 joint. As interested persons were not able to follow the process live in the production halls of Schilliger Holz, all process steps were filmed and commented live.

Despite the change of the occasion to an online meeting at short notice, more than 40 people participated. We would like to thank Schilliger Holz for the good cooperation and all participants for being there as well as the numerous questions and comments in the chat. They have brought the event to life. 

Missed the occasion?  

Here you can look up the whole event in German.

For questions about TS3 technology, please contact us. 

Innovations combined in one construction project      

Stefan Zöllig introduced the technology and showed exciting projects with the TS3 technology. The latest project of TS3, an apartment building in Thun, combines much more innovation than just TS3: Here, the first cellar in Switzerland is being built in wood. The building was planned with "3DExperience" from CATIA and is the living lab of the "DeepWood" research project together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the BFH. In this project, the planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be further developed and adapted to the needs of the timber industry. Here you can follow the construction site in Thun live.

The licensing model explained in brief  

The TS3 technology is available to interested companies worldwide. Companies that want to use the TS3 technology purchase a TS3 license. To obtain a license, at least two people from the company must be certified. One person receives a certificate after participating in the TS3 training. At present we train interested persons directly at their workplace. In the near future the training courses will be offered as e-learning courses. We would be pleased to accompany you on the way to becoming a TS3 licensee.