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Development in the wood construction market requires new building products



Wood construction has left its niche existence and is becoming the standard. As a result, global demand for wood construction products and their prices continue to rise. New timber construction products are needed to counter this trend: Scrimber would be one solution.

Timber construction is booming worldwide. Large investors are recognizing the clear advantages of timber construction and are increasingly using wood as a building material. In the USA is a real Real Estate boom and building with wood is flourishing. This has had an impact on the global timber trade: for some weeks now, international prices for sawn timber and glued timber products have been rising, and delivery times for many products are now several weeks instead of a few days as before. Because Canada, traditionally the most important supplier of lumber to the North American market, is unable to increase its export quota for various reasons, the USA is increasingly importing construction lumber from Europe. And Russia will no longer export any timber from January 1, 2022. The main beneficiaries of this are large European timber companies, which supply significant proportions of their output to the USA at top prices. However, as demand for wood is flourishing not only in the USA but also in Europe and Asia, there is a shortage of the raw material all around. 

New solutions are needed

To achieve the net-zero targets, we must consistently reduce building with steel and concrete in building construction. These building materials are responsible for huge CO ₂ emissions because of their costly manufacturing processes. The use of wood as a renewable raw material and CO ₂ store is the logical consequence. Global demand for wood will therefore continue to rise in the future. New building products are needed to meet this demand. After all, the glulam and cross-laminated timber products known and often used today generate a lot of waste. Branches, tree bark and sawdust cannot be used for the production of the building products, resulting in a yield of about 30% of the tree. Thus, new products are needed for the wood construction market: with Scrimber, whole trees could be processed into building products. For the production of Scrimber, tree trunks and branches are shredded into individual fibers with large presses, these are enriched with adhesive and processed into building products in the desired shape and dimension.

Scrimber 2

The development of Scrimber is based on Australian research projects from the 1970s. To date, Scrimber has not been industrially produced and used on a large scale in the market. The current demand for wood building products is now driving the development of Scrimber anew. Timbagroup, together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences and be-advanced, is committed to developing Scrimber products and introducing them to European markets as quickly as possible.