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  • Roboter bauen neue hängende Gärten

    Robots are building new hanging gardens

    Baublatt, Issue No. 2/2022 – Computer models open up new design possibilities with often surprising geometries. With the help of artificial intelligence and cooperating robots, the components for a planted architectural sculpture are created in ETH Zurich's manufacturing laboratory. (Report in German)

  • Robotikprojekt Semiramis: Hängende Gärten für Zug

    Semiramis Robotics Project: Hanging Gardens for Zug

    Wir Holzbauer, Issue 1.2022 – The hanging gardens of Semiramis of Babylon are known as wonders of the world. The new hanging gardens on the grounds of the Tech Cluster Zug should at least attract attention throughout Switzerland. At the end of November, the "Semiramis" robotics project was presented at ETH Zurich. (Report in German)

  • ETH entwickelt mit künstlicher Intelligenz ein Pflanzenhochhaus

    ETH develops a plant tower with artificial intelligence

    Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Issue 24.11.2021 – Among the seven wonders of the ancient world are the Hanging Gardens of the Babylonian queen Semiramis. "Semiramis" is the name of a 22.5-meter-high architectural sculpture with 100 native plant species. Researchers from the group of ETH architecture professors Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler developed the plant tower using a machine learning algorithm. (Report in German)

  • Erster Keller in Holzbauweise in der Schweiz

    First basement in wood construction in Switzerland

    Holz-Zentralblatt Nr. 47, 2021 – Timber construction can contribute to achieving climate targets particularly if it completely dispenses with the use of steel and concrete. A logical step in this direction is to do without these building materials in basements. Timbatec Holzbauingenieure, Thun (Switzerland), together with Timber Structures 3.0 AG and other business partners in Thun, have built Switzerland's first basement made of wood. A research project has been underway since May. (Report in German)

  • Ein Haus ganz aus Holz

    A house made entirely of wood

    Thuner Tagblatt, Issue 10.11.2021 – Swiss timber construction pioneer Stefan Zöllig has built a house in Thun without heating and concrete. He has built a rather inconspicuous wooden house at Blümlimattweg 15 in Thun. It blends into the neighborhood in a way that is in keeping with the local heritage. But the building, which is practically finished, literally has its work cut out for it. (Report in German)

  • Ein Haus aus Holz, ganz ohne Beton und Heizung

    A house made of wood, completely without concrete and heating

    BZ Langenthaler Zeitung, Issue 10.11.2021 – From the outside, the house in a Thun neighborhood looks rather inconspicuous, but it holds a few surprises: Swiss timber construction pioneer Stefan Zöllig built it without heating. In addition, it is the first house in Switzerland to be made of wood right down to the basement. Zöllig lives in it himself with his family, as a kind of self-experiment. (Report in German)

  • In diesem Haus lebt man ohne Heizung

    In this house you live without heating

    Berner Zeitung, Issue 10.11.2021 – Swiss timber construction pioneer Stefan Zöllig has built a house in Thun without heating or concrete. It is also the first house in Switzerland to be made of wood right down to the basement. (Report in German)

  • Ein Haus ohne Heizung und Beton

    A house without heating and concrete

    Berner Oberländer, Issue 10.11.2021 – Wood construction pioneer Stefan Zöllig has built a house made entirely of wood from the basement to the roof – and without heating. How does that work? (Report in German)

  •  Leuchtturmprojekt Fasanenhof – Mit Holz statt Beton zum Minergie-P-Mehrfamilienhaus

    Fasanenhof lighthouse project – Using wood instead of concrete to create a Minergie-P-multi-family house

    Anzeiger Frenkendorf, Issue No. 15-2021 – This year, the Fasanenhof was the first Minergie-P-apartment building in Frenkendorf. What also makes this building a special lighthouse project is the climate-friendly and forward-looking use of wood instead of concrete. (Report in German)

  • Schwarz und schön

    Black and beautiful

    Wir Holzbauer, Issue No. 7.2021 – Dark on the outside, bright and transparent on the inside: In the new company building of an electrical engineering firm, the open architecture is intended to support constructive and respectful teamwork. A good team spirit already prevailed at the construction site. The woodwork was done by two woodworkers working together. (Report in German)

  • Schwebende Dächer

    Hovering Roofs

    Holzbauer spezial, 2021 – Often ceilings give the feeling of falling on your head. Not so with the roofing of the lido in Brunnen. Thanks to end-to-end connection of the plywood panels, it seems to be about to take off. (Report in german)

  • Bauen geht ohne Stahl und Beton

    Building goes without steel and concrete

    Der Bund, 20.09.2021 – On 26.09.2021, the population of the Canton of Bern will vote on a climate protection article - Timbatec says YES. Because: building with wood makes a significant contribution to climate protection. In today's edition of "Der Bund" Stefan Zöllig explains why we have to stop building with steel and concrete.

  • TS3 - für Mensch und Klima

    TS3 - for people and climate

    Nachhaltigkeitsguide, Edition 09/2021 – If you want to build sustainably, build with timber. With the new TS3 technology, you can build in a climate-friendly way and create natural rooms with a high level of comfort - without any additional planning effort.

  • Forschungsprojekt: Kellerbau mit Holz

    Forschungsprojekt: Kellerbau mit Holz

    Holz-Zentralblatt, Issue No. 26 – In order to avoid steel and concrete almost completely in building construction, basements would have to be eliminated - or built in timber. In Thun, the first basement completely in timber in Switzerland has been built.

  • Grossformatplatten für Überdachung des Strandbads Brunnen

    Large format panels for roofing of the Brunnen lido

    Holz-Zentralblatt, Issue No. 25 – Schilliger Holz AG delivered around 250m³ of large-format cross laminated timber (CLT) panels in spring. These were used to roof the service and changing room buildings of the new lido in Brunnen on Lake Lucerne in the canton of Schwyz. (Report in German)

  • Holz statt Beton, ganz einfach

    Wood instead of concrete, very simple

    BlickPunkt, Issue 2/2021 – TS3 enables large areas to be made of wood. This means that wood can replace traditional reinforced concrete in many projects. In Frenkendor, the first four-story column-and-slab construction using TS3 technology is under construction. The people involved are enthusiastic.

  • Dachkonstruktion knackt Rekorde

    Roof construction breaks records

    Mikado, June 2021 – The Austrian retail company Handl has had a new gastro service hall built in Pians. The special feature is the huge wooden ceiling with an area of 650 m2. The roof was created through teamwork between industry and science.

  • Innovative Lösungen für energieeffiziente Bauten

    Innovative solutions for energy-efficient buildings

    Wir Holzbauer, Issue No. 4.2021 – Wood offers many possibilities for energy-efficient new buildings and energy-efficient refurbishment of solid buildings: With innovative solutions, not only the operating energy but also the total energy demand of the buildings can be significantly reduced. Summer thermal insulation also requires new approaches, because climate change will exacerbate the problem. (Report in German)

  • Zeitraffer BMW15

    Time lapse BMW15

    Together with Timbatec and other business partners, Timber Structures 3.0 AG has built Switzerland's first cellar made of wood in Thun. Here you can see how the house is built.

  • Es spricht alles für Holz

    Everything in favor of wood

    NZZ am Sonntag, January 2021 – Stefan Zöllig, founder and co-owner of Timbatec, has made a name for himself with record-breaking timber buildings. For him, however, the digitalization of construction planning lags far behind other industries. The timber construction engineer explains why the days of concrete and steel are numbered. Read the exciting interview in German in the NZZ am Sonntag.