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Timber Structures 3.0 AG
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Statics and constructions

Timbatec takes care of statics calculations and construction. Please observe the following rules if you wish to estimate dimensions in advance.

Static calculations should be carried out using FEM software, for instance RFEM from Dlubal. Enter the entire surface area as a single unit. Calculations should take the static values for glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber as per standard into account. The output concludes the distribution of elements. Note that elements should be between 2.50 and 3.50 m in width depending on the manufacturer to ensure the press capacity is utilised. Joints should be positioned so that the design's edge bending stresses are not exceeded. Additionally, redundant load-bearing behaviour should also be planned in so that joint failure cannot result in a zipper effect. This can take the form of additional structural components such as pull bars, load-bearing walls or other neighbouring structural elements.

The butt joint bonding can be considered as 100% rigid.

The construction, connections between structural elements and connections to neighbouring building elements can be erected using conventional construction methods, fasteners and materials. All applicable standards, association guidelines and manufacturer's instructions must also be taken into account for Timber Structures 3.0.

The approval process for the TS3 system is currently ongoing. We expect approval to be granted begining of 2021. Until then, the system may only be used in the EU on the basis of case-by-case approval. Official approval of static constructions is not a requirement in Switzerland. The system can be used here with limitation.