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Timber Structures 3.0 AG


Timber Structures 3.0 AG
Niesenstrasse 1, 3600 Thun
Tel: (+41) 058 255 15 80

Developed by Timbatec

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TS3 AG, Timber Structures 3.0 AG


The Timbatec timberengineers Switzerland AG develops advanced products and technologies. One of them is so promising that they had been moved in 2014 into a separate company in Thun: The Timber Structures 3.0 technology.

The new Timber Structures 3.0 technology (TS3) bonds timber components made of solid wood, glulam or cross laminated timber on the front side. This means that point-supported, multi-axis load-bearing panels or tiled slabs can be created in any shape and size. This opens up constructive and design worlds that were previously inaccessible to timber construction.  

The company TS3 AG is the owner of the TS3 brand and acts as a service provider for joint bonding on the construction site. For the static dimensioning of the projects with TS3 and all other services around your timber construction, we maintain close cooperation with Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG.

Learn more about TS3 technology in the video below.