The new TS3 configurator is online

02. Dez 2019

With TS3's new online configurator, you can estimate the structure, thickness and guide prices of a wooden floor slab with just a few clicks. This significantly simplifies the pre-dimensioning of TS3 floor slabs.

In an early project phase, the various construction systems are compared with each other. are compared with each other. Building owners and architects look for for the choice of materials and systems for their building projects. building projects.

To simplify this decision, we have developed an online application. developed. With a few clicks, you can select the planned column grid and the intended intended payload. As a variant you can also select the cross laminated timber panel without superstructure.

The online tool immediately shows you the structure of the floor slab with the corresponding layer thicknesses. corresponding layer thicknesses. You can see the standard prices in the caption to the the floor sketch. The expected deformation is shown in a diagram. diagram. All results can be easily exported as PDF.

Airborne and impact sound: The defined superstructures take into account the minimum requirements according to SIA181 sound insulation in building construction. (Higher requirements are also possible, please contact ask for consultation with TS3).

Here you can find the online tool.

Image Configurator

Guide to the tool

  1. Select the planned column grid. You can choose spans from 4x4 meters to 9x9 meters.
  2. Select the expected expected live load Q from 2 to 5 kN/m².
  3. Deactivate the box "With floor superstructure" if you want the raw cross laminated timber floor without without superstructure.
  4. Print the PDF and take it with you to the next planning meeting.

We will be happy to assist you with your construction project. Do not hesitate to to contact usto contact us.

Please note: The TS3-Configurator is currently not working on the Internet Explorer.

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