TS3 multi-family house occupied

20. Okt 2021

The construction industry is on the verge of a radical change: with a new technology, timber construction is conquering large buildings. TS3 makes large areas made of wood possible. This means that wood can replace traditional reinforced concrete in many projects - which is good for the climate. Fasanenhof is a good example of how wood can replace steel and concrete.

The TS3 technology is the result of more than ten years of research and development together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences and ETH Zurich. With the four-story apartment building in Frenkendorf, the proof of concept has been more than provided.

Pheasant Court

TS3 technology is not only highly interesting from a technological point of view. It allows for use-flexible room concepts. Thanks to the load-bearing support, the walls are non-load-bearing and can be easily moved.

Pheasant Court

Thermal bridges made simple. Because of the low thermal conductivity of wood, there is no need for elaborate cantilever connections. The CLT ceiling simply runs from the apartment to the loggia.

Once the building was planned as a solid construction, then Andreas Scherrer of schererarchitekten AG was able to convince the client of a timber construction with the TS3 technology. During the convincing phase, he had to continue planning the building project in different material variants. There TS3 played into his hands. Because: The planning with the biaxial load-bearing cross laminated timber panels is similar to projects made of reinforced concrete. The environment is pleased: With the system change from concrete to wood, 536 tons of CO₂ could be saved at Fasanenhof. This makes an important contribution to climate protection.

Easy to use during construction

"It doesn't affect us much with the TS3 joint. We can do our normal processes," explains Benjamin Kaiser, construction manager at Stamm AG. Thanks to the meticulous planning and prefabricated components, we set up the building with 15 apartments in only three weeks. Construction projects with a lot of steel, brick and concrete take much longer. Often, planning and decisions are still being made on the construction site. That massively disrupts the construction process. With timber buildings, it's different. Technologies such as TS3 and construction projects built almost exclusively from wood are worth their weight in gold for us, says Kaiser.

Mounting CLT

The cross laminated timber panels were pre-treated in the manufacturing plant and are easy to assemble.

Mounting trunk

An employee of Stamm assembles the cross-laminated timber boards with dovetail burners, then the TS3 casting resin is initiated.

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