TS3 in the Baumuster-Centrale

20. Jan 2023

The Schweizer Baumuster-Centrale in Zurich has a unique collection of building materials and innovative technologies. A TS3 pattern and a model of a basement in wood now also join the collection.

In addition to the many different material samples, the Baumuster-Centrale also exhibits large 1:1 mock-ups of components and construction methods are exhibited. The collection is always expanded with with the current product standards and so is also our large TS3 sample as well as a model of a wooden basement have moved into the collection. moved into the collection.

The Swiss Baumuster-Centrale can be visited free of charge from Monday to Friday. free of charge. The collection is also recorded photographically and can be viewed on be visited on the website:

Here you will find the TS3 sample.

Here you can find the model of a wooden basement.

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