Award for Scrimber

29. Dez 2022

The Office for Forests and Natural Hazards of the Canton of Bern launched the innovation competition "Ideenpool KliWa". Scrimber, a spin-off of TS3, was able to win the first prize.

Group photo

Government Councillor Christoph Ammann and Co-Director Anja Simma with the happy winners at the award ceremony of the Innovation competition "Ideas Pool KliWa. Pictures: Office of Forests and Natural Hazards

The award is enormously important for Scrimber. Besides the proud prize money of Fr. 50'000, the canton supports us in the implementation of a pilot plant. Equally important is the proof that Scrimber is accepted in wide circles as a pioneering technology for a climate-friendly forest. By awarding Scrimber, the broad-based jury with experts from the timber industry and the administration shows how important the technology is for the modern timber industry and for a climate-friendly construction industry.

Innovation Award Scrimber

The prize money will help us to complete the many exciting tasks until a first scrimber plant can be built.

What is Scrimber?

Scrimber is a process that converts low-grade wood assortments into building products. It involves rolling wood into fiber strands and converting them into raw boards for cross-laminated timber panels and other building products.

Scrimber rollers

Rolling logs

Tree trunks are passed through several pairs of rollers and thus shredded into individual wood chips. The fiber strands remain intact.

Production raw plates

Production of raw plates

The chaff is pressed into Scrimber CSC raw slabs in a continuous press.

Replacement for reinforced concrete

Replacement for reinforced concrete

Scrimber can be used to create columns, beams and slabs for load-bearing areas. They replace reinforced concrete.

Gluing spreading

Glueing chaff

The wooden chaffs are dried and enriched with glue. The use of a bio-based adhesive is aimed for.

Production building products

ProductionBuilding products

Glulam and cross laminated timber manufacturers process the Scrimber raw boards into finished building products.

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