General Meeting Association IG Scrimber

15. Feb 2023

The association Interessengemeinschaft Scrimber (IG Scrimber) collects and distributes information and initiates cross-company research and development projects. Those interested in joining the association and investors can attend the general meeting of the IG on 02.03.2023 and will be informed about investment opportunities.

On 02.03.2023 from 17:00 - 18:30 will be the next general meeting of the association Interessensgemeinschaft Scrimber (IG Scrimber) will take place online. All members and interested persons are cordially invited.

During the the vision and purpose of the IG Scrimber will be explained in detail. and an annual report 2022 will be presented. You will also get to know the new Board members.

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Green Investments in Scrimber CSC Holding AG

The Scrimber CSC Holding AG focuses on the climate development of the construction industry and relies on on the long-term storage of CO2 in wooden buildings. In order to finance the development of the new, innovative Scrimber CSC method, we are planning a capital increase of Scrimber CSC Holding AG in March 2023. The company was founded in August 2022 with its registered office in Thun and is fully paid up with CHF 100,000. fully paid up. The capital increase will result in a further 1,000 shares being shares will be issued at a nominal value of CHF 100 and with a premium factor of 20, which corresponds to a price per share of CHF 2,000.

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