TS3 in the Baumuster-Centrale

27. Feb 2023

The TS3 technology will be the topic at the Brownbag Lunch at the Swiss Construction Center on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Together with merkli degen architekten, we will present the two new apartment buildings with the TS3 technology in Zollikerberg.

The apartment buildings in Zollikerberg

A sustainable building is characterized by high ecological and economic quality. During the planning and construction of the two apartment buildings in Zollikerberg, merkli degen architekten GmbH therefore attached great importance to these aspects. Building materials were carefully selected and used where they make sense.

The fact that timber construction performs well from an ecological point of view is now widely known. Wood has other advantages over other building materials. It doesn't need to dry out after it's been installed - so buildings are built faster and are ready for occupancy sooner. It is lightweight, which allows for smaller foundations. And: wooden buildings offer natural, comfortable rooms with a high degree of coziness. Thanks to TS3 technology, new possibilities are opening up.

At the brownbag lunch at Baumuster-Centrale in Zurich, you will learn many interesting details about the two new apartment buildings in Zollikerberg. The event will take place on 23.03.2023 from 12:15 - 13:30 and will be accompanied by Sven Bill (TS3 AG), Ueli Degen (merkli degen architekten GmbH) and Ciril Stadler (Timbatec).

You can find the program here:

Advantages of wooden construction combined with the advantages of TS3 technology

The above-ground building is a timber structure consisting of timber columns and cross laminated timber panels connected with TS3 technology. Timber Structures 3.0 technology, or TS3 for short, is a process that allows large areas to be made of wood - without the joists that were previously common. These large surfaces can replace reinforced concrete in most areas and are also suitable for floor slabs such as those in Unterhub.


  • Architecture: merkli degen architekten GmbH https://www.merklidegen.ch/
  • Timber construction: Holzbau Oberholzer GmbH https://www.holzbau-oberholzer.ch/
  • TS3 joint grouting: Timber Structures 3.0 AG
  • Statics and construction, fire protection, building physics: Timbatec Holzbauingenieure AG
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