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Pavilion Restaurant Hirschenbad, Langenthal


Where once the people of Langenthal took a bath in the tin tubs, the Burch family spoils you today in the Hirschenbad restaurant. TS3 technology was used for the new pavilion.

Pavilion Restaurant Hirschenbad, Langenthal
Pavilion Restaurant Hirschenbad, Langenthal

The project

Built in 1728, the Hirschenbad Inn underwent a complete renovation and was expanded with a pavilion and a new kitchen. On September 26, 2019, the Hirschenbad restaurant was reopened after almost 18 months of renovation. All rooms were fundamentally renovated, energetically brought up to the latest state of the art and renovated with great attention to detail. In addition, a new environment was created with a beautiful garden and an associated pavilion. The cook's paradise has been designed according to the most modern production methods and forms the basis for a regional, fresh cuisine.

The construction

The new pavilion in the outdoor area is worth highlighting. The oval shape is erected only on fan-shaped supports and features an opening on one side and a large canopy. The cross laminated timber roof spans an area of approximately 9m x 7m. The wooden panels were joined together to form a large surface using TS3 technology. The supports were clamped with glued-in threaded rods at the bottom. This allowed the construction without beams or supports in the middle of the pavilion.

Construction data

  • Gross total area: 50 m²
  • Cross laminated timber: 14 m³
  • TS3 technology: 16 linear meters of joint


Lüscher Egli AG
4900 Langenthal


Thomas Rufener
4900 Langenthal

Timber engineer

Timbatec Timber Construction Engineers Switzerland AG
3012 Bern

Timber construction

Zaugg AG Rohrbach
4938 Rohrbach

Civil engineer

Wälchli & Partner AG
4900 Langenthal

Building physics

MBJ Building Physics + Acoustics AG
3422 Kirchberg

Construction management

Lüscher Egli AG
4900 Langenthal


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