New construction

Anandia Canopy, Comox BC Canada


During a renovation and expansion of the Anandia Cannabis Center in Comox BC on Vancouver Island, Canada, TS3 technology was used for the new canopy.

Anandia Canopy, Comox BC  Canada

The project

The canopy is six meters long and nine meters wide and is supported on only three supports.

CLT panels of this size cannot be delivered to a construction site. to a construction site. So that the canopy nevertheless consists of one panel and no teams have to be four CLT panels are joined together using TS3 technology. are connected with each other.

The construction

The CLT panels were prepared according to TS3 specifications. This includes Milling and drilling for the application of the TS3 casting resin.
The panels were then installed and the joint sealed from below and above. top.
In a final step, the casting resin is poured into the joints. This cures in one day, so that the construction process can continue undisturbed.

The challenges

The TS3 technology is offered in a license system. The employees of TS3 are not on site themselves, but support the people on site virtually. Thanks to the good training the canopy could be built by the local craftsmen. could be built.

Construction data

  • TS3 technology: 54m³


Local Practice Architecture + Design Ltd.
Vancouver BC, Canada


Anandia Laboratories Inc.
Comox BC, Canada

Timber construction

Vancouver BC, Canada


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