VIDIT canopy and shelter, Bubikon


Building for the future! A sustainable building with a healthy footprint - that is one of the most important goals in the realization of the new building of Hustech Installations AG. The large spans of the canopy on the main building could be built relatively slim thanks to TS3 technology.

VIDIT canopy and shelter, Bubikon

The project

The works yard in Bubikon is intended to serve as a model for contemporary construction. A sustainable use of resources was the goal. For the realization of the building in wood, the use of TS3 technology was therefore the best solution.

The construction

The workshop entrance of the main building is covered by a wide canopy. The massive roof with the TS3 connections measures four meters in width and appears almost slim despite its size. slender. Five tie rods hold the canopy in place. Also the roof of the outbuilding, which serves as a waste disposal point and bicycle shelter, was also built with TS3 technology. erected.

Construction data

  • Gross floor area: 285 m²
  • Cross laminated timber: 39.7 m³
  • TS3 technology: 111 linear meters of joints


Hustech Installations AG, Zurich

Timber engineer

Timbatec Holzbauingenieure (Switzerland) AG, Zurich

Timber construction

Jampen Holzbau, Hittnau


Trade press

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