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Fasanenhof, Frenkendorf


In Frenkendorf, the first four-story column-and-slab structure made of wood was built. Thanks to TS3, the building once planned in concrete can be built in wood. The planning with the multi-axial load-bearing cross laminated timber panels is similar to reinforced concrete.

The project

The four-story residential development with 15 comfortable comfortable apartments is located in Frenkendorf in Basel-Land. The sustainably constructed timber building is the highest building to date in which TS3 technology has been used. The means that the floor slabs are made of large-format cut-to-size cross-laminated timber panels, which are connected to each other on the face using TS3 technology. face to face using TS3 technology. In addition to a pleasant indoor climate, this gives the building's occupants maximum a pleasant indoor climate and maximum flexibility of use.

Thanks to the prefabricated components and the planning, the entire building could be erected within only three weeks. be erected.

The construction

The Fasanenhof is a column-and-slab construction construction as it is known from steel-concrete - simply made of cross-laminated timber plats and with round wooden columns. This allows for a faster construction time, since no drying is necessary. Only the staircase core was concreted. Here the usual sequence was reversed: the wooden structure was erected first and later erected first and later served as lost formwork for the liquid concrete. liquid concrete.

The challenges

The cold temperatures during the pouring of the CLT slabs necessitated winter construction measures. For this the building was temporarily wrapped and heated. This ensured that the necessary temperatures for casting and curing could be ensured.

Construction data

  • Number of floors: 4
  • Floor area: 1221.5 m²
  • Cross laminated timber: 293.16 m³
  • TS3 technology: 567 linear meters of joints


Scherer Architects
4410 Liestal

Timber engineer

Timbatec Timber Construction Engineers Switzerland AG
3012 Bern

Construction management

Scherer Architects
4410 Liestal


Nils Sandmeier
2500 Biel


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