KIJUZU, Zuchwil


In the midst of attractive living spaces for young families, a single-story wooden building is being constructed in Zuchwil, Solothurn, for the local childcare center.

KIJUZU, Zuchwil

The project

The new building "KIJUZU am Wald" will be an extension to the existing child and youth center in the north of Zuchwil. urgently needed space for childcare will be created. The spacious which includes rooms for children's groups, lunch and pre-kindergarten. The spacious new building, which includes rooms for children's groups, lunch and pre-kindergarten, offers around 600 m² of space for daycare for small children and schoolchildren. The expected start of operations is from autumn 2022.

The construction

The entire building is designed as a wooden and has no basement. The interior walls and individual wooden supports in the outer wall area are load-bearing. All statically are designed for an extension of the building with an identical floor plan. which can be carried out at a later date. Thanks to the biaxial load-bearing TS3 - flat slab beams could be dispensed with throughout the building. The 210 mm thick CLT panels are treated ex works with a colorless UV-protective coating to in order to prevent a significant darkening of the wood in the interior.

Construction data

  • Number of floors: 1
  • Gross floor area: 599 m²
  • Cross laminated timber: 178 m³
  • TS3 technology: 329 linear meters


Arnet Architektur AG, Zuchwil


Residents' municipality, Zuchwil

Timber engineer

Beer Holzbau AG, Ostermundigen

Timber construction

Beer Holzbau AG, Ostermundigen

Construction management

Probst Architekten AG, Zuchwil

CLT manufacturer

Schilliger Holz AG, Küssnacht


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